About Us

At Ashton Anderson, makeup and skincare is not about covering up, its about building confidence. Professional stylists Andrew Ashton and Steven Anderson have spent decades helping women feel as strong and beautiful on the outside as they are within. Together they created an inclusive range of cosmetic products, skincare, and beauty tools with a little something for everyone. From classic neutrals to trendy color pops they combine personality and practicality in a line that lets HER shine.

Ashton Anderson encompasses a full range of beauty, cosmetic, and skincare products. The skincare collection includes firming, toning, and moisturizing creams and serums designed to provide glowingly clean, smooth, and healthy skin. Their face makeup collection features liquid and mousse foundations, powders, concealers, highlighters, bronzers, and blushers in a range of colors for various skin tones. Eye products range from assorted pencils and pens, to gorgeous luxe shadows, mascaras, and brow shapers. The Ashton Anderson lip collection includes liners, lipsticks, and glosses in a myriad of color options for any occasion. Finally, their collection of professional makeup brushes provides the tools for perfect application. In all the line carries around 100 individual SKUs.

Beyond creating fabulous products that make women feel gorgeous, Steven and Andrew take pride in giving back to their community and beyond. Through Clearwater’s bustling La Posh Salon and years of experience working with celebrities around the world, Steven and Andrew have become respected community leaders in Tampa Bay and beyond. Always looking for creative ways to help the people around them, they created the My Fairy Godfathers® Foundation in 2010. Through this foundation they help women struggling with abuse, illness, and fear, overcome their roadblocks to build happier, healthier lives. My Fairy Godfathers® provides wigs to women undergoing cancer treatment, give prom experiences to girls who couldn’t otherwise afford to go to prom, offer scholarships to help women finish their education, and so much more.

With the launch of the Ashton Anderson beauty line came the opportunity to combine a love of giving back with providing professional, beautiful makeup and skincare to women everywhere. A portion of every Ashton Anderson item sold will go directly into the My Fairy Godfathers® Foundation to help provide resources and support to the women who need it most. As the brand grows their impact for women does too. Shop with confidence at AshtonAndersonBeauty.com.

All cosmetic make up products are paraben free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, NOT tested on animals, & non-comedogenic. Skincare products may have fragrance. 

Learn more about My Fairy Godfathers® Foundation at www.MyFairyGodfathers.net.